Meet Ricky Schock & Sons


My name is Ricky Schock, and I am the owner/operator of First Stop Auto Electronics. My technical journey started around 1997 when I was taken to the Liberty Science Museum in New Jersey. At the museum I remember playing with an electric circuit exhibit, It was then I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.... To become the an electronic engineer! After much practice and self exploration/education, I enrolled in the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering. There I learned programming, network infrastructure, and circuit board development. Soon after completion, I enrolled in Metro Auto Electronics Technical Professionals program. There, I became an expert in Electrical Theory, Fabrication, and Diagnostics. After completion, I took the MECP installer exam, and passed with a 95%. I then went to work with local shops and dealerships to perfect my craft. As the years when on, and shops closed their doors, I saw the auto electronics industry going one way and consumers going another. I saw a void that needed to be filled, and went for it. I furthered my education and certifications, and launched First Stop Auto Electronics in 2008. Everyday I work to improve the lives of my customers by loving them, and treating them like family. I treat each one of my customers the way id like to be treated because that is the way the world should be. Today's world is full of uncertainty, and crooks looking to rip you off!! You, and your loved ones are safe with First Stop Auto! If you'd like to chat, Id love to speak with you! Give me a call @ 203-253-6821 -Ricky